The guest page of Mr. Bannerjee

by Prof. Y. Lupardi

Mr. Bannerjee is from Benares and has lost his Green Card and marbles. He does not speak Dutch. Now he only has his American half dollar passport number B 57833895 U and a single Rupee note only.
He want to do the 11-caches tour of Holland. So if anybody can give him a lift to somewhere else, please do so.
Please keep me updated of the whereabouts of this valued guest.
Prof. Y. Lupardi

Here is a picture of Mr. Bannerjee before he visited on october 17 2001 the 'Hold your Horses' cache.
Mr. Bannerjee ready to go...

NEW!!! NEW!!!
There is a special webpage now where you can read all the logs about his travelling expierences

The adventures of Mr Bannerjee

Until now the following visits are logged: