Hold your Horses

by Prof. Y. Lupardi

The position of this cache is (WGS-84):
N 52 10.542'
E 04 21.979'
and is situated in the Kingdom of The Netherlands (Holland, Dutch, Amsterdam, Ajax, cheese, Queen, tulips, wooden shoes, dikes, cows, water, windmills etc.)
and is hidden on 06/20/2003

Here is a map.
There is no scenic picture (yet).
Here is an old b/w aireal photograph (spring 1989).
Here is a new colour aireal photograph (summer 2000, height 300 m).
Here is a b/w satellite photograph of the region

The cache is hanging in the dunes South of the fishingvillage of Katwijk (translated: place for cats to flee to when prosecuted(asylum)).
Hidden in the dunes North of Wassenaarse Slag. Bring a flashlight and try not to get your feet wet.

On the Dutch topographic maps with Amersfoort Grid the position is 85170 / 465775

The place where the cache is can be reached easily on bike. It is only a walk of a few hundred meters over sandy ground.

The story goes that here we have a hidinghole for The Little People.
I stringly advice to take a flashlight or equivalent with you to this place. And try not to get your feet wet. But maybe changes watertables make this place drier to the feet this year.
This cache was originally placed bij 'Ventje' but in oktober 2002 kidnapped by me.
The coordinates in the Dutch RD-system are for this place: 85170 / 465775

Spoiler hint and photographs: (click here)