The GPS-Kernnet point Hazerswoude Zuiddijk and the free marker Leiderdorp


If you want to know more about the markers in the Netherlands: there is a page dedicated to the bold hunters of these markers.
This page is specailly made to give you a view of two important markers for me: the Kernnet point number RD-stone 319330 Zuiddijk Hazerswoude and a non-official marker with internal number 30 in Leiderdorp on position 95715,722 / 464995,207. The position of the RD-stone on the Zuiddijk is 100824.367 / 456543.432 and I use it for testing my accuracy. Together with the reference station Delft (that is a part of the European Geodetic Network EUREF) I can check my results. More about this can be found on this page.

The pictures: Zuiddijk Hazerswoude

The first photograph is a view in Northwest direction. You see the path, the water and the churchtower.


This tower is a Rijksdriehoeksmeting point: number 319202 and has the name H.K. Hazerswoude-Dorp. It is not easy to find the marker in the grass: someone has placed an arrow on the pavement and a number.

met pijl

But that someone made a mistake; the number painted is from the churchtower, not from the RD-steen.

-----Update starting-----
On the 10 juli 2003 (a year later) being in the neighbourhood I visited this marker. The first thing I saw was: someone has painted the right number on the road. See for yourself:
My thanks to the unknown person(s) who do their good works that escape the notices of nearly all people.
Also a new 'Meetpunt' nail was hammered into the asphalt a few meters away. Why? -----end of update -----

----Update summer 2004 ----
In the spring of 2004 I was very surprised to see a special marker marking the Zuiddijk mark. Somewhat later that year I made this photograph (picture left).

On the white plastic marker is the following blue text placed:
Bij verstoring
055 5285000


So this is quite clearly telling its surroundings that something is there and when you see it 'disturbed' you should phone someone or something. The numbers 319 and 330 make up the number of this point. Maybe this is the end of the policy to paint the number on the nearest road surface? It could be, because also the Kernnetpunt 'Steen RD Katwijk aan Zee' on 86865 / 468560 has a markerpole (foto right). While Zuiddijk is difficult to find between the grass and weeds, the one near the lighttower of Katwijk gets burried under sand all the time.

Further more you can see on this nearby view that we do not use expensive markers with text on them: this detail after the grass is cut away shows the marker. I placed a 1-euro coin on it for scaling purposes. There is an 'engraving' in the concrete: the character 'D' you can see; the character 'R' is in the shadow.

The pictures: Leiderdorp

The first photograph is a view in Northerly direction. You see the tunnel, the road, my bicycle, a lamppost and between them a tripod with the GPS on it..

naar het noorden

Looking East you have a view along the road, the bicycle path and the water.

view oost

I made some detailed pictures. The first shows the apparatus (tripod, GPS, laptop) when looking South

view south

and the next gives a better overview of the setup.

view south

More details of the GPS you can see here:

view south

The thin red rope hanging straight down is a plummet helping me to position the GPS (antenna) on top of the tube.

Ronald J. van der Kamp